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peHUB Second Opinion 3.10.2009

Slow News Day: So yesterday there was an Economist story that  mentioned Henry Kravis paid $22 million for this ugly chair. Of course, snark-tastic blogs Gawker and Dealbreaker picked up on it. Well, this info, which is apparently untrue, annoyed  the folks at KKR enough to send out very prompt and categorical denials of such an instance. Even Kravis himself emailed Gawker. (So that’s what I have to do to get in contact with him?) Capping off the zany gossip hijinks now known as “Chairgate” (thanks, Dealzone), we can rest in peace, as The Economist has issued a correction. I consider this entire trivial thing further proof that (A) there is seriously nothing going on in private equity these days and (B) PE pros will forever be sensitive about their post-Schwarzman Birthday lavishness. Whew.

In Other News: Bankers are starting to think they’d be better off at a smaller, nimbler firms. (Dealbook)

B-Schools and the Almighty Dollar: “A business school dean argues that students should be taught the societal value of business, not profit at any cost.” Sounds nice in theory. (BusinessWeek)

No Surprise Here: Michael Moore is looking for “Streeters” to have a “casual chat” with about Wall Street for his upcoming unnamed project. Wall Street Folly calls it a “Career Death Wish.” (Wall Street Folly)

Meredith Whitney: Credit Cards are the Next Credit Crunch. (WSJ)

Good News For Thomson Reuters, I think? At business magazines, advertising is down, but credibility is up. (Edelman)

Beer Trades: Time for the big beer giants to start selling their assets to each other. (Deal Journal)

One Year Ago: Book review of “House of Cards” William D. Cohan’s new book on the Bear Stearns collapse. (Dealbook)

Copycats: Moody’s is following in the footsteps of S&P’s “Weakest Links” list, offering up a list called the “Bottom Rung.” (WSJ)

To Buy, Or Not To Buy: There’s a debate in China over the wisdom of opportunistic overseas acquisitions. (China Journal)

Fewer, Bigger and Better? The future of online ads. (BusinessWeek)

Twitter: Is it moving from “What Are You Doing?” to a curated links list? (TechXAV)

Distractions: 20 best web comics. (Mashable)

Not Distractions: Think/work everywhere. (Toxel)