peHUB Second Opinion 3.11

Dodd: “We don’t need Republicans.” (NY Times)

Excited for Wall Street 2? Well you’ll have to wait. The movie, which was slated to come out in April, has been pushed back to the fall now that it may get invited to Cannes. (Variety)

Tricky Tricky: Is the Kabel Deutschland IPO an ambitious IPO or a cunning ploy to smoke out trade buyers? (Reuters)

In the weirdest news you’ll see today: Wondering what to do with leftover breast milk? This guy decided to make cheese out of it. Just, wow. (Reuters via WSJ)

Who Hates Avatar the Most? I felt a little robbed after seeing Avatar (shouldn’t it have been Pocahontas II?), but I certainly didn’t hate it as much as these whiny mining executives. Reuters reports: “Let me put it this way, my kids saw the movie, and my kids know I’m a miner, and they didn’t say anything to me,” said Peter Kukielski, head of mining operations for ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaker. (Reuters)

Happy Birthday: VC-Backed Foursquare turns one today. Use that as a cheap excuse to try for the “Sweet 16” badge. I did! (Foursquare)

Why Teams Get Locked into Behavior Patterns: Like brothers and sisters at a family reunion, coworkers tend to fall into intragroup behavior patterns, melding into a smoothly functioning yet uncreative team. (Harvard Business Review)