peHUB Second Opinion 3.12

Uh Oh: Will Meg Whitman’s investments pose a conflict of interest problem? The former eBay CEO and current Republican gubernatorial candidate has invested in private equity and hedge funds. (Dealbook)

Kabletown: It didn’t take long for 30 Rock to parody the NBCU merger with Comcast, and last night’s episode was excellent. (Dealbook)

Is it a sign? Deal rumours are running rampant, particularly in the retail chain arena. As Reformed Broker says, “This market is circulating more rumors than Fleetwood Mac’s record company.”

Cheap Cigars: There was a “who’s who” of Wall Street meeting in January to hash out the financial reform that’s on the table today. Here’s the story behind it. (Reuters)

FYI: KKR’s NYSE listing values the firm at $7.5 billion. (FT)

* Lehman, the Tooth Fairy and the Revenge of the Short-Sellers

* Is your financial advisor a “yes-man?”