peHUB Second Opinion 3.13

PIK Off: Univision, backed by Saban Capital Group, Providence Equity Partners, TPG, THL Partners and Madison Dearborn, has joined the handfuls of other PE-backed companies that have flipped their PIK toggles. (Dealbook)

Abnormal Returns: Excellently rounds up some of the blog coverage of the Brawl Street episode. Asks: “Will Cramer-Stewart change the way CNBC does business?  (Big Picture, FT Alphaville,, Market Movers, Mixed Media,,,, Capital Commerce, Tuned In)”

Venture PIPES: Not news to you, but it is to the Journal. (WSJ)

There Are Women in Private Equity? Deal Journal hits up the “Women in Private Equity” conference. Coverage includes: ‘I Love Downturns,” and “The New Order Now Begins.”

Cheer Up: Apparently, We’re able to stay optimistic in a recession, according to some study. Is it foolish?

Sad Stories: B-School, in a recession, with a family. Not easy, our front-line B-school reporters at BusinessWeek write.

First GE: Now Berkshire, downgraded. Here is Felix Salmon’s take on it. (Market Movers)

No Surprise: In Europe, the mega-funds were the big drag to alternative asset returns in 2008. (Bloomberg)

Hmm: The economics of prostitution… (Marginal Revolution)