peHUB Second Opinion 3.15

* Running a Company, but Can’t Open an Attachment. Dick Fuld is blaming the Repo 105 mess on the fact that he can’t open an email attachment on his phone. (FINS)

*The club deal lawsuit rages (or should I say sputters) on through its 3rd appeal. (Deal Journal)

* Barclay’s Defines the word “Jerks” Loosely. (Daily Intel)

* Top ten works of journalism from the decade. (NYU)

*Avatar will make $400 million for News Corp. It’ll also net a tidy profit for Dune Capital, a private equity firm. (Bloomberg)

*Tweet of  the day: Nassim Taleb: “The 20th C was the bankruptcy of the social utopia. The 21st will be that of the technological one. [From one Procrustean bed to another.]” (Twitter)

*Succession Planning: IDD reports on KKR’s succession planning. Naturally the IPO is being done for the very reason of succession planning, not ‘raising the question’ for the first time, unlike the lead in this story suggests. (IDD)

*KKR and Warner Music are looking to break up EMI, Times Online reports.