peHUB Second Opinion 3.16

Flexing: Calpers is looking to flex its power, by removing the limit on the number of shareholder proposals it can issue to companies in its portfolio. (NY Times)

What Happens When You Do The Right Thing? You get fired. That’s what happened to the Lehman whistleblower at least. (WSJ)

Recipe: I have to agree with Tom Davenport’s list of Six Ingredients for a Good Online Comment. I’d venture to say any comment that has even two of these six ingredients is a vast improvement over the majority of comments on the internet. (But not peHUB’s civilized, intelligent commenters!) (Harvard Business Review)

Stay By Stay Home: Out of the maelstrom that is SxSW coverage, I link to a single post: GigaOm’s commentary on entrepreneurial stereotypes. (GigaOm)

Twitter Royalty: Most Re-tweeted twitters.

Way to Go: How the Fed Slept Through Lehman. (Felix Salmon)

Fashion-Forward Deal: My colleagues at Breakingviews have another take on the Apax exit of Tommy Hilfiger (see our initial coverage here). (Breakingviews)

Welcome Back Media Deals: PE is ready to get busy in the media sector. (Paidcontent)

Buyout Hints: Sterling Financial may be in the PE money. (Seattle Biz Journal)