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peHUB Second Opinion 3.16

Shrinkage: All you PE tourists are about to go by the wayside, as the industry (and hopefully not peHUB’s readership) shrinks. (FT)

Pray: “Private equity can be our saviour – if it’s not demonized” (

MidEast: One place where PE is not shrinking-the area’s PE firms raised a record-breaking $6.4 billion last year.

After Writedowns: Where does PE go from here? (Citywire)

Transparency: CD&R has redone its website to include much, much more information on its investments. (CD&R via PE Database) “A group of leading progressives and economists have penned an open letter to CNBC demanding that the network publicly change its mission to focus more on Wall Street accountability.” (Huffington Post,

Via Abnormal Returns: Companies need to develop strategies to address bloggers. (New Rules of Investing)

That Essay Everyone Linked To: On Newspapers, Clay Shirky writes: “Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism,” and a lot of other interesting things. (Clay Shirky)

TV Talk Show: Obama is appearing on Leno on Thursday night. (Wall Street Folly)

Rumour Mill: Advent International is eying the assets of Motorola and CVC is looking at assets of Nortel. (mergermarket)

Attention Grab: Clearly a marketing ploy, but hey, maybe the unconventional thing will work-it did for the laid off consultant who handed out resumes on Park Avenue.

Is This Real? Redneck Bank

Lastly: Chuck Norris is suing Penguin publishing, saying his tears do not, in fact, cure cancer. (However, he did not dispute the fact that he has never cried.) (Reuters)