peHUB Second Opinion 3.17

Co-Investing with Lady Gaga: Hilco and Gordon Brothers, which bought Polaroid after a dramatic battle with Patriarch Partners, had an unusual coinvestor on the deal by the name of Stefani Germanotta aka, Lady Gaga. (NY Post)

KKR to buy Harley? If this rumour is true, I’d like to point out that a Harley take-private would mean private equity is responsible for the loss of yet another awesome stock ticker: HOG. The first, of course, was Apollo’s buyout of Cedar Fair (Symbol: FUN.) (Reuters)

Great, Great Quote: PR guru Mike Sitrick, the “spin doctor of restructuring,” told the FT his clients range from “Thomas H. Lee to Tommy Lee.” Awesome. (FT) Via PE Beat.

Three Sins Against Innovation: In your enthusiasm to spur innovation, make sure you’re not burning those who can provide it best. (Businessweek)

Shia LeBeouf: The Wall Street 2 star said: “Wall Street is the most sex-drugs-and-rock-‘n’-roll atmosphere that exists on the planet.” (Daily Intel)

Meanwhile: Paul Farrell says Oliver Stone’s upcoming movie is an open of a great market crash in 2010. (MarketWatch)
Behind The Harvard Thesis that inspired Michael Lewis’ “The Big Short.” Handed in a year ago this week at the depths of the market collapse, the paper was awarded summa cum laude and won virtually every thesis honor. (Deal Journal)

Pepsi is removing “full calorie” sweetened drinks from schools. (WSJ)

Felix Salmon: The economics of aggregation. (Reuters)