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peHUB Second Opinion 3.17

So: While Goldman Sach’s PE fund is finding new ways to call capital (ie, debt investments), the firm is lending to its individual employees that cannot meet those calls. (NY Times)

Unintended Consequences: How the distressed auto industry has affected two high tech buyouts. (Marketwatch)

Riiight: Luxury goods makers are attempting to make buyers of fake Prada feel guilty (because they think soccer moms are going to spring for a $12K purse out of guilt?) (City Room)

Banks Are Like Smokers: In case you missed the 60 minutes interview, this blog highlights one of the best/more troublesome metaphors. (ScottDig)

DealBreaker: Takes issue with The Daily Show’s taking issue with short selling. (DB)

Were You Aware: There is a Fight Club for journalists? (Politico)

Not Sure of the Usefullness: But there is a Madoff Map of victims. In case you wanted to do some sort of geographical analysis of his reach, I suppose. (MadoffMap)