peHUB Second Opinion 3.18

Jokes on the Newswire! “Chuck Norris Feeds His Vampire Squid $100 Bills: Mark Gilbert.” Mark Gilbert of Bloomberg chimes in on the finance + Chuck Norris meme that was popular a year or so ago. (Bloomberg)

Well Well: Women were better traders of stock during the financial crisis than men. (Daily Intel)

Spotted: Warren Buffett doing an Axl Rose Imitation for a Geico power ballad. I don’t know what else can be said about this, just watch it (below). (Brandfreak, EverythingWarrenBuffet, Time)

Less debt, more charm: Private-equity managers face a difficult outlook (Economist)

Wise Words: The Best Advice Bill Gross Ever Got. (MarketBeat)

Recaps are Back, but Different: The recap in the age of austerity. (The Deal)

Opinion: Arthur Delaney says the Dodd bill is soft on private equity and hedge funds. (HuffPo)

Returns: Still bad, just, less bad for private equity. (The Globe)

Fresh Capital: Yale has increased its allocation to private equity. (Reuters)

Switching Teams: Republican Tony James is planning a private fundraising for House Speaker and Democrat Nancy Pelosi. (NY Post)

Sidenote: God I love the New York Post’s “photo composite” person. Seeing the faces of Tony James and Nancy Pelosi superimposed on the bodies of Dancing with the Stars contestants really revitalized my faith in the human race. Sheesh. (NYP)

And the Buffett performance: