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peHUB Second Opinion 3.18

Speechless: CNBC suggests we declare War on Greed because declaring war on an idea worked for the War on Terror. This is a joke right? I mean, the satire is apparent on way too many levels. Right? (Via Dealbreaker.)

Gag Order: Christopher Fountain writes: “Just about a year ago I was fired from the Greenwich Post after the manager of their biggest advertiser, Coldwell Banker Greenwich, threatened to pull their advertising if I wasn’t yanked.” What was he fired for? Commenting on the large debt load the company’s LBO backer, Apollo Management, had piled on the company. (For What it’s Worth)

Seachange: In yet another way PE firms will be doing more to please LPs, Business Standard reports that hurdle rates will likely rise. (Business Standard)

Kudlow and Welch: Last night’s interview outtakes. (Kudlow’s Money Politic$)

CJR: Columbia Journalism Review applauds the Journal’s story on LBO firms causing job losses, pretending that the media has showered buyout firms with praise ever since they changed their names from Barbarian Looters to private equity. Not quite that simple. (CJR)

Analysis: Why IBM Wants Sun. (BusinessWeek)

Retaliations: NBC Universal’s Chief Jeff Zucker calls Jon Stewarts attacks “unfair.” (AP)

Milestones: Today I posted my 500th story on peHUB. Woo!