peHUB Second Opinion 3.2

Want to Prank Call Steve Schwarzman? You call would probably not “be appreciated.” (Cityfile)

Not A Good Sign: A Sun Capital board member of Furniture Brands has resigned. (STL Today)

Thank You: Deal Journal translates some of the circular PR/Lawyer-speak on the AIG press release. (Deal Journal

I Can Has Intelligent Discourse: I really should have seen this coming. Brought to you by our friends at Big Money, the Internet joke Lolcatz has an economic equivalent called LolEconz. Love/hate away. (Big Money)

Believe It Or Not: Standout Financial Stocks? (BusinessWeek)

TARP for PE? Potential buyers of ILFC may get TARP money. (Dealzone)

Too Late? You might be able to catch some of the free hot chocolate and sledding action in Central Park if you hurry. (Gothamist

Rejected: Why Twitter just wasn’t that into Facebook. (BusinessWeek

Programming note: A few Second Opinion readers have noted that the links do not open a new window, which causes them to click back and forth within one window to follow all the links. They should open in new windows today, but you can get around that altogether with a simple right click + “Open Link in New Window.”