peHUB Second Opinion 3.2

What’s a Hot Job in Private Equity? It should be obvious, but here’s why operational partners, finance directors, IR peeps and junior investment managers are hot commodities. (FINS)

Your CEO is Probably Lying To You: A new study finds that there are upsides to lying and procrastinating at work. “A lot of portfolio managers have this bias that all CEOs are lying all the time,” Carney said. “I’m always trying to get rid of that bias, but it’s funny because maybe they’re right.” (FINS)

But We Just Had a Bubble: There’s a mini-bubble brewing in the private equity deal market. (Reuters)

M&A is Back. “The implicit message of the pickup in merger activity is that both cash and debt are expensive or overvalued and worth using to pay for cheap stock.” (Seeking Alpha)

Liars Poker 2: Reviews of Michael Lewis’ new book, The Big Short. (Felix Salmon) (Salon)

There’s Hope for Writers: If you write a story Berkshire Hathaway likes, you might get a random check for $20K. That’s what happened to New Yorker writer Dr. Atul Gawande. (Clusterstock)