peHUB Second Opinion 3.22

The Perks of Being a Goldman Kid: Michelle Leder discovers that children of Lloyd Blankfien , as well as the offspring of Goldman Sachs’ general counsel and CFO, received substantial salaries and raises last year. (Dealbook)

Retooling strategies: An alternative to alternative investments. (WSJ)

Listicle: Top ten lies angels tell, a twist Guy Kawasaki’s “Lies VCs Tell”. (Social Tech)

What If Women Ran Wall Street? On the old cliché-o-meter, this headline ranks up there with “What if God Was One of Us?” but I’m going to trust that New York managed to bring someone new to the table in that whole women-and-testosterone-and-risk-taking conversation. (NY Mag)

Layoffs: Remember a year ago around this time, when an Allied Capital bankruptcy was on the table? The firm may have sold itself to Ares Capital but its still experiencing some dark times. The firm is eliminating 91 jobs in D.C. (Washington Biz Journal)

Businessweek: Should ‘Private Equity’ pay for college? (BW)

Just Another One: KKR, then Carlyle, then maybe Bain Capital, then SinoLatin (a Latin America-focused energy fund), and now perhaps UBS. I’m referring to RMB funds of course. UBS is the latest to jump on that train. (FT)