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peHUB Second Opinion 3.24

Beyond the Money:  “Surprisingly, some of the most important resources from a VC isn’t the financial funding.” (Web Strategy by Jeremiah)

Help Wanted: Small advisory shops are still hiring, Dealscape reports. (Dealscape)

George Soros: All This New Regulation Is Just ‘Tinkering’ (Deal Journal)

Scoops: Bain hired a restructuring adviser for portfolio company Ideal Standard. The company was purchased as recently as 2007. (Debtwire)

A VC: On Financial McCarthyism. (A VC)

Slow Descent Into Alcoholism: “Cocaine and martinis On Wall Street? Nothing new there. Masters of the Universe admitting they have an alcohol problem? Not so common.” (Reuters)

Guest Columnist: Barack Obama’s op-ed from this morning. (International Herald Tribune)

A Deal Diet: Google hasn’t acquired a company in six months, blaming high prices. (Reuters)

Daniel Gross Asks: Why can’t individual investors get the sweetheart deal Geithner’s plan is offering to the hedge funds (and private equity funds)? (Moneybox)

See Ya: It’s no surprise the AIG execs gave their bonuses back, but did you know they promptly left the company? (Dealscape)

No Surprise: The internship market stinks. (BusinessWeek)

Life Hacking: How to say no and stay there, advice from Harvard Business. (BusinessWeek)