peHUB Second Opinion 3.25

Haters: Who hates Wall Street the most? It’s a regulator show down. (Deal Journal)

Market Price: A new restaurant in Grammercy is allowed the prices of its menu items to fluctuate like a stock market. Meaning, a pint of beer starts at $6 but could be pushed to a high of $8 or a low of $4, depending on popularity, Reuters reported. Sounds like a ridiculously dumb gimmick-why would you want to order the least popular item on the menu, no matter how cheap it was? (Reuters)

USAAA? How Does Moody’s decide on ratings changes? And how would a downgrade of AMERICA work? (Gaurdian)

Fabulous: Fast food chains have basically stuck a middle finger up in the direction of healthy eaters, (along with advocates of diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc.). THL is getting in on the action with its latest acquisition of CKE, which has led the charge against health-ing up the image of fast food places in lieu of keeping it fat. (Businessweek)

And the Worst Investor in America is… Bono! According to one very hyperbolic blog. (24/7 Wall Street)

Just Call Him Axl: What Warren Buffett’s Geico ad says about him-and about American CEOs. (Slate)

Anti-Locust? Kabel Deutschland became “the anti-locust story” of German private equity after Providence Equity Partners decided to float the country’s biggest cable operator rather than sell it outright, according to John Hahn, the European head of the US private equity group. (FT)