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peHUB Second Opinion 3.27

Shrinkage: AIG’s private equity funds have seen a decline as steep as that of Terra Firma. (WSJ)

Everyone’s Talking About: The worthlessness of MBAs. Matthew Stewart writes, “The economic crisis has exposed the myth of business-school expertise.” (The Big Money)

AIG Wife: “We Were Betrayed!” (Clusterstock)

Editorial: The Deal’s Robert Teitelman discusses the exit stage left of “equity culture” and incoming of populist culture. (Dealscape)

Something About This Headline: GE Cap Tries To Reposses Jalopy Jet. As a lender to a bankrupt clothing company, the firm gets the exciting task of liquidating its near-worthless assets. (Dealscape)

Michael and Me: Remember Michael Moore’s big Wall Street project (hint: it might have something to do with the aforementioned populism)? He’s out and about working on it, apparently. (Dealbreaker)

Speaking Of Uprisings: Attendants of the G-20 economic summit have been told to wear pedestrian clothes (and not dapper suits) to avoid becoming targets of anti-capitalist and anarchist demonstrations. (Dealbook)

Brother Can You Spare: Facebook is on the hunt for $100 million in debt financing. (BusinessWeek)

Also From BusinessWeek: Can Venture Capital Come in from the Cold?

A VC: Fred Wilson’s favorite quote from Obama’s recent press conference. (A VC)

Write It Down: 3i has more where that came from. (FT)

In Unrelated News: $100 bills can brainwash us. (Cityfile)