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peHUB Second Opinion

AT&T and T-Mobile fought over a customer last  night on Twitter.

Nine reasons to update your LinkedIn profile.

The NSA spied upon the sexual activity and porn habits of people it wanted to discredit as”radicalizers.”

Bitcoin traded about $1000 today for the first time.

Thirty countries have faster Internet than the U.S.

The longest-serving employee at Goldman Sachs has died at 98.

A judge orders Hewlett-Packard Co and CEO Meg Whitman to defend a securities shareholder class action that claims the company, execs and directors misled investors about HP’s buy of Autonomy.

Target, the retailer, plans to launch an accelerator in India next year.

A new weight-loss chip will tell a person when to stop eating.

This Turkey was roasted in a 3D printer.

Here are the best Turkey frying disasters on the Internet.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Eric Thayer