peHUB Second Opinion 3.29

ILPA SHOWDOWN OF DEATH: Check out the guest list at this special meeting of the Buyout Baron Gods to throw down on terms with investors. It took place today at an unnamed New York hotel. Everyone from Glenn Hutchins to David Rubenstein to Jim Coulter was there. It’s like a meeting of the five (three?) fathers (Come on, you know they do that secret society crap.) Even the Journal is calling them “The Big Guns.” And on the investor side we have Joe Dear, John Breen, and Ahmed Gubash. (WSJ)

Total Domination: Wall Street is taking over the world. First Carl Jr.’s, now, American Idol may now be controlled by JPMorgan’s private equity arm. (DealBook)(Dealbreaker, of course, has thoughts on this.)

Further Proof: Here’s what else is in American Idol’s parent company’s stable. (Times Online)

Too Big To Not Fail? Paulson’s fund is out of control big. (BusinessWeek)

Against Conventional Wisdom: When should a VC-backed company shop a term sheet? (Dividends and Preferences)

Tom Geithner: “Just one of the girls.” (Dealbreaker)

Just for Fun: The Creepiest Childrens Books Ever. (HuffPo)