PEhub Second Opinion

Wordle: I’ve been introduced to a brilliant little Web site called Wordle thanks to Infectious Greed’s clever comparison of Ben Bernanke’s 2008 and 2007 Jackson Hole speeches.
Inspired, I “wordled” the feed, and came up with this.

It doesn’t really tell us much, or lead to any groundbreaking conclusions, except that, on any given day, I must say or think the words “capital” and “partner” thousands of times.

Reuters: As I mentioned yesterday, things aren’t looking so hot for LBOs, leveraged loans, exits, and even announced deals. Today the picture gets even grimmer. This is the slowest August for M&A deal-making in 16 years. To be honest, this news warms my heart, because I don’t feel so bad for complaining about the lack of deals to write about.

DealBook: Private equity can’t save the banks (yet?), but it’s ok to save Fannie and Freddie?

Engadget: Anyone who’s spent any time in a factory knows that manufacturing robots can be somewhat intimidating. But condescending? From Engadget, bossy assembly robot says you’re doing it wrong.