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R.I.P. Nelson Mandela. Here’s a timeline of his life.

BofA Merrill Lynch thinks that Bitcoin “has clear potential for growth” and may emerge as a “serious competitor to traditional money transfer providers.”

Most of Twitter’s board members don’t Tweet much.

Time Warner’s next CEO, Rob Marcus, says he’s the right guy to decide whether to sell.

Snapchat is reportedly raising $54.5 million.

Lynn Tilton, founder and CEO of Patiarch Partners says beautiful clothes are her armor, her uniform, her indulgence. 

Justin Bieber wanted to be a Blackberry ambassador but the company said no.

Here’s the Daily Show’s explains why TV reporters aren’t covering Blackstone‘s Cordere deal.

MSFT jilted? Alan Mulally, Ford Motor’s CEO, has committed to stay at the automaker through 2014. He’s considered a top candidate to take Ballmer’s job at Microsoft.

Dennis Kozlowski is working at a software company as a clerk.

Photo courtesy of Reuters