peHUB Second Opinion 3.4

Ouch: Should Obama reconsider his bullishness? Mean Street calls him the Jeff Immelt of Presidents. (WSJ)

Laid off? Worried You Will Be Soon? There are companies for that. Jet Blue, Archstone-Smith and Hyundai are allowing “take-back” clauses if you get laid off after purchasing their products (homes, flights, and cars, respectively). (Cityfile)

Private Equity Needs Fixing: According to Bloomberg columnist Matthew Lynn. He goes so far as to suggest a bailout for the Masters of the Universe. John Morris of the Deal says, ‘not so fast,’ and I can’t help but agree.

TALF TALK: Cerberus, Millennium Cpaital, Fortress, and even Blackstone, have expressed interest in TALF. (WSJ)

Speaking of Blackstone: The firm wrote the billions of debt it bought from Deutsche last year down to zero! (Bloomberg)

Saving America: Requests for stimulus money in Ohio have ranged from a pro wrestling team to an origami paper-folding company. Here is a list of some of the silliest ones. (Walletpop)

Well Well Well: It seems Warren Buffet has engaged in a decent amount of layoffs this year, too. (MSNBC via Dealscape)

And Also: Corporate Raider Carl Icahn has infused more cash into his funds. (Dealbook)