peHUB Second Opinion

FedEx CEO Fred Smith laughs off Amazon’s drone plans.

The great tapering begins. Fed to cut bond buying to $75 bln in bonds per month.

Mashable gives us seven startup-video clichés we can do without in 2014:

Pussy Riot’s two jailed members could be freed this week.

A White House report to recommend that the NSA no longer keep the phone database.

Walt Mossberg gives us his 12 personal tech products that were most influential over the past two decades. What’s a Newton MessagePad?

Doesn’t matter what the regulators say. Delta won’t allow in-flight cell or internet-based voice calls.

Facebeoo, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and dozens of  banks must face a lawsuit that claims they misled investors about FB’s health before its $16 bln IPO.

Meg Whitman’s salary at HP will jump to $1.5 mln from $1.

How to win as a first-time founder, a Drew Houston manifesto.

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