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peHUB Second Opinion

Here’s a list of conspiracy theories that came true, including the government poisoning alcohol during Prohibition in a twisted attempt to turn people away from the demon drink. Now there’s an idea worthy of a government official.

The guy who created the AK-47 — possibly the most lethal weapon in the world because of its ease of use — has died.

Silk Road 2 is up and running, despite more arrests.

The War of the Suits intensified as Jos. A. Bank rejected a $1.54 billion takeover offer from Men’s Wearhouse, which said it would continue its campaign to subsume its smaller rival.

Grantland has listed its top athletes of 2013, including a bunch of people Second Opinion has never heard of, but also rocket-armed Matt Harvey of New York Mets fame, and the wily Chip Kelly, who has turned the Philadelphia Eagles into a contender.

CalPERS’ plan to reduce the number of relationships its has with private equity GPs could benefit the biggest firms in the industry.

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