peHUB Second Opinion 3.5

Controversy: Seems last night’s Daily Show attack on financial journalists (watch it here) has sparked much debate in the blogosphere. Felix Salmon discusses it here, and I also quite like Dealscape’s take, “On Financial Journalism and its Critics,” viewable here: (Dealscape)

Literally: The sky is falling at AIG, apparently. Photo of the day: (EV Grieve)

Speaking of AIG: Our colleagues at Dealzone have outtakes of Congress’s grilling of the insurance giant. (AIG)

Watch And Learn: According to a new study, watching booze-soaked movies is directly correlated to viewers drinking more. (Reuters)

What’s A Dead-Cat Bounce? What the markets did yesterday, apparently. “Don’t bet the run-up signals a bottom just yet.” (Reuters)

Who owns hedge fund assets? It’s not as many high net worth individuals as you might think-it’s the pension funds, endowments and foundations. (

WSJ: The glossy magazine, will stay a quarterly thanks to drops in luxury advertising. (WWD)

Not Just Lightbulbs and NBC: GE investors are realizing that they own shares in a financial firm that is suffering the fates of a number of other financial firms. (WSJ)