peHUB Second Opinion

Polls are closing as we speak! So, I give you, some finance-related election news:

Election Word Train: A non-stop stream of the moods of NY Times readers, sortable by McCain/Obama. As of 5:50 it seems to be stuck on Excited/Anxious.

Data-Mining Is Bad: When its based on presidential elections, according to Paul Kedrosky. “We mine presidential election cycles to come up with historical predictors of which presidential choice will be best for the markets over the next four years, next few months, next ten minutes, etc.” But he says, “The empirical issues are myriad.”

If He Wins: Obama would be the first black President, but he’d also be the first “blue” president- the first “northern, urban liberal to win the presidency since the culture wars broke out in the US in the 1960s,” FT writes.

HSR And The Candidates: Corporate Dealmaker digs into the antitrust stances of both candidates. Judging by both of their rhetoric, the answers are not surprising, however I’m not sure antitrust law would be either of the President-to-be’s priorities.

And About That: Obama could tap a former Bush Anti-trust staffer?

Treasury Secretary: Dealscape doesn’t buy the rumour that Obama could tap former Goldman, Sachs & Co. chief Jon Corzine for the role, based on the Paulson-Goldman connection.

In Fact: Other options include New York Federal Reserve Bank President Timothy Geithne and Clinton era Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin are getting batted around.

Dealzone: Asks a question investors have asked themselves for years: WWWBD? What Would Warren Buffet Do?