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peHUB Second Opinion

Hertz has adopted a one-year poison pill after unusual activity in its stock.

Ten things not to buy in 2014. Like cable TV.

Here are Fox News’ worst moments in 2013, including Megyn Kelly’s belief in a white Santa Claus.

Zappos is replacing its traditional organizational structure with a Holacracy,  where there are no job titles and no managers. But when does the New Year’s shoe sale start?

Here’s Dell’s new ad as a private company with a PE owner. Dude, where’s the Dell guy?

Good and bad cholesterol are linked to Alzheimer’s.

The NSA has the ability to snoop on every communication sent from an Apple iPhone.

There are 1,058 people really serious about living the rest of their lives on Mars.

Today is Mike Bloomberg’s last day as mayor of NYC. The massacred Spanish and other things we’ll miss from El Bloombito.

Say good night, traditional light bulbs.


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