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peHUB Second Opinion

This is what happens when pot is legalized. There’s a run on Velveeta.

Yahoo has bought Aviate.

How a reporter got John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, kicked out of an AT&T Party in Las Vegas.

Citigroup considers selling $1 bln in holdings managed by Citi Venture Capital International.

Oracle is buying Corente, a software company.

Dom Hofman, Vine’s co-founder, has stepped down.

What exactly is the DASH diet?

One-fifth of smartphone users would rather give up seeing their pets than lose their phones.

Global warming may be the cause for the Polar Vortex.

Kanye West’s lawyers have moved to stop the coders behind Coinye West.

Biz Stone has launched Jelly, a Q&A service for mobile phones.

Northwestern Mutual considers selling Russell Investments.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Jim Young