peHUB Second Opinion 11.25

Trickle Down Effects: BCE’s stock shot up as a result of the Citi bailout, since the troubled financier was one of the worrisome contingencies of the deal’s closing.

Blackstone Is The Turkey Of The Year: Not sure this protest is SEUI-related, since (a) The great carry disparity is basically DOA come January and (b) It’s focused on real estate and mortgages. Get it, Blackstone owns a ton of real estate, through Equity Office and its own real estate funds.

What Does it Mean: “When Harvard grads pile into Wall Street jobs, the market is probably overheated and could be heading for a tumble.”

Economist’s View: Calculating exactly how much it costs to create a job: $90,323 Read why.

Revisited: The whole PE-made-money-on-a-failed-investment thing with Mervyns.

Tools: Infectious Greed has created a tracker of the US’s largest banks by market cap.

Debt Pricing: How Inbev shows just how tough financing is out there for non-investment grade deals.

Even With Gas Prices Down: You’re still paying to carry luggage on most airlines. The Middle Seat breaks down the costs, and quotes an airline spokesperson saying, “I hope you would agree we are allowed to make a profit.”

Mark To Market: On consultant’s roles in the PE world, and how private equity firms can be more successful.

Same Price As The TV Guide Buyout: $1 dollar, the paycheck for AIG’s CEO this year.