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Teen apparel retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has stripped CEO Mike Jeffries of his chairman duties in response to pressure from shareholders who are disappointed at the once-edgy company’s loss of market share to cheaper rivals.

An American craze for fish oil has encouraged a Chinese factory to kill large numbers of whale sharks, a species so close to extinction, that most countries ban fishermen from catching them.

Lynn Tilton’s firm has decided to pull the plug on American LaFrance LLC, a maker of fire trucks and other industrial equipment that Tilton’s Patriarch Partners LLC managed to retain through its 2008 bankruptcy reorganization.

Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin Foundation vice-president, has resigned a day after he was arrested by U.S. authorities as part of their probe of online drugs store Silk Road.

SAC Capital’s Mathew Martoma may find his defense undermined by what his own lawyers are calling ‘toxic character evidence.’

A wave of new online news ventures is squeezing the advertising dollars for existing sites and igniting talk of a bubble.

Ukrainian PM resigns before a no confidence vote by Parliament, which responded by striking down laws limiting freedom of speech that were enacted just last week.

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