peHUB Second Opinion

A leaked tape seems to reveal the U.S. government is backing the Ukrainian opposition against Russia. As an entity of Ukrainian ancestry, Second Opinion is fine with this.

Well, this is fun: the Dow jumped 188 points today.

It’s down to a jury to weigh Highland Capital’s claims against former private equity head Pat Daugherty.

Mathew Martoma, former portfolio manager at SAC Capital, was found guilty of insider trading and faces up to 45 years in prison.

Some wacky Bitcoin fans have been smashing their iPhones in protest of Apple’s banning the last bitcoin wallet available as an iPhone app. One computer network engineer bound his iPhone to a post and shot it up with a rifle.

LinkedIn tanked in after-hours trading after earnings report.

AOL is changing the way it matches its employees’ 401K contributions by making a lump payment at year-end, and blamed “Obamacare” for the change.

Fracking is depleting water in the driest areas of the U.S.

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