peHUB Second Opinion

Tune In! Jim Cramer faces off with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show tonight at 11. Daily Intel suspect Cramer is wimping out.

Try Getting Returns on This: “Lacking Leverage, Firms Embrace EBOs. (Wall Street Journal)

Speaking of TV: This overly dramatic British account of the Madoff view is slightly more entertaining than the U.S. news sources’ coverage. (Cityfile)

Tog Dog Now Underdog: Myspace’s plan to beat Facebook. (BusinessWeek)

Speaking Of: Facebook redesign a-coming? (Facebook)

Neiman Marc-Down: Get it? See what the Post did there? The store marking its assets down? Riiiight. Anyways, let’s hope Leonard Green capitalized the company to withstand the tough times, and that it didn’t pay a “Needless Mark-Up” when it invested! See what I did there? (NY Post)

In Other Mark News: Obama’s spending plan for healthcare technology is just “throwing money at the problem,” writes Mark-to-Market.

Nicely Culled: FINalternatives has a nicely presented list of the financiers on Forbes’ billionaires list. Kravis is #205; Schwarzman is #261. (FIN Alternatives)

Hey: At least Kravis and crew beat #701, Mexico’s most wanted drug lord. (Reuters)

Had to Happen: GE no longer triple A. (WSJ)

Future Machines: MIT students invented a wearable computer called Sixth Sense that does (and knows) basically everything except look cool. It’s one step away from the screens they stare at in Wall-E! (Engadget)

Not Going So Well: TPG’s Aleris delayed its DIP hearing. (Reuters)

Rumour Mill: Is eBay selling Skype? (Shoptalk)