peHUB Second Opinion

J. Crew is going public again.

Slumping Coca Cola is introducing a low-calorie frozen carbonated beverage.

House proposal would raise the tax on carried interest to 35 percent from the current 23.8 percent rate for the highest earners.

And a link to that tax reform plan from Dave Camp.

Ailing JC Penney reported a big net loss.

Now Google claims they didn’t bid for WhatsApp.

Lawmakers are scared of Google Glass.

An Appeals Court has ordered Google to remove all “Innocence of Muslims” videos from YouTube.

EBay is leading a $133.7 million investment in online shopping website Snapdeal

Tesla Motors is selling $1.6 billion in bonds to fund its projects, including a mass-market electric car.

Surprise! Despite the sad looks dogs give us, they don’t feel shame, a behaviorist says.

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