peHUB Second Opinion 3.9

I’m back from endless jury duty. Tell me what I missed.

Zombies: WSJ weighs in on the VC Shakeout. (WSJ) There’s also this piece in which the Journal’s venture data arm sizes up “promising young companies,” which seems redundant because, isn’t that the whole point of a venture firm? I dunno. (WSJ)

Second Suit: Goldman Sachs Group was sued by a large union pension fund that accused the Wall Street investment bank of overpaying its executives. It’s the second pension fund to do so. (Reuters)

Speaking of Lawsuits: Lindsay Lohan is ridiculously suing E-Trade for an ad which refers to a baby named Lindsay as a “milkaholic.” She’s seeking $100 million, claiming she, like Madonna, Cher, and Beyonce, has “first name recognition.” (NY Post)

Blockbuster is seeking a buyer. You must read this story for its great scared CEO comment: “Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes told The Post, ‘All your numbers are wrong. They bear no resemblance to any materials we have in the market.'” (NY Post)

Annie Leibovitz: She found new private equity backers in Colony Capital. (FT) Felix Salmon considers it a smart decision.

And in the spirit of the Oscars, here is an Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer: