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peHUB Second Opinion 3.9

This Versus That: The financial sector meltdown has now surpassed that of the tech sector during the Internet bubble collapse, judging by stocks. (Marketbeat)

Berkshire Hathaway: It’s trading at a premium on Buffet’s investing skills. But what’s the probability of default? (Market Movers)

CNBC In The News: Everyone has an opinion on it. NY Times asks if last week was CNBC’s best or worst week ever. (NY Times)

Speaking of that: The paper is no longer accepting comments on the story. Here are the editors’ picks.

Pitching Hacks: ScottDig reviews the venture capital pitching guide book, “Pitching Hacks.” (Scottdig)

Hmm: More PE firms are bringing lawyers in-house. Why? On the lawyer’s side, it’s because they’d get carry. (

A Janitor: An Ohio school has received more than 700 applications for a janitorial job. (AP)

Stanley Fish: Do you know what a neoliberal is? (Hint: It has to do with free markets.) (NY Times)