peHUB Second Opinion 4.30

Airbnb is adding identity verification so that users can feel more confident that hosts and travelers on the service are “real people.”

Could mega banks disappear? One consultancy calls recently proposed banking regulations such as Brown-Vitter “weapons of mass dissolution.”

KKR is in talks to hire former CIA director David Petraeus.

Studying the dark art of leaking deal talks.

Is it or isn’t it? Uber insists it isn’t talking with investors, contradicting a report that says otherwise.

This 18-slide pitch just landed payment startup Dwolla $16.5 Million.

Five things to watch in Facebook’s earnings report tomorrow.

After checking your bank account, remember to log out, close the Web browser, and throw your computer into the ocean.

Image: A taxi driver checks an app on his smartphone in Rio de Janeiro April 15, 2013.Credit: Reuters/Ricardo Moraes