peHUB Second Opinion 12.10

Be Happy You’re Not Blackstone Rich: That may lead you to getting blackmailed, as David Blitzer an MD with the firm learned. (WSJ)

Well That’s Over. Kinda. CIT is out of bankruptcy and trading on the public markets again, and excited traders are trading it up. (Money Game)

Second Acts: Could Eliot Spitzer Run for Comptroller? I mean, seriously? By the way, click through to this story just to see that the Post has not disappointed in its choice of accompanying photo of the disgraced governor. (NY Post)

Myths: Has the link between testosterone and aggressive trading been blown out of proportion? Hint: Yes. (Naked Capitalism)

Every Time You Point a Finger… Jeff Immelt, CEO of the one of the largest companies in the world, is attacking executive “greed.” (FT)

Writing on the Wall: Goldman Sachs, knowing it is currently the butt of quite a bit of populist rage, and has decided to do itself a favor by paying bonuses in Goldman Stock. (Cityfile)

Feeling Bearish: Is this just the beginning of a depression? (Felix Salmon)