peHUB Second Opinion

Sign me up. Cloak is the app that lets you avoid execs and coworkers you don’t like.

Breakingviews wonders if regulating prostitution like a business would actually work. 

Google CEO Larry Page has a weird, troubling definition of charity.

Harvard is offering a $1500, two-month program of online CORE courses starting in June.

Are VC mega-rounds the new normal?

Mark Zuckerberg, Ashton Kutcher and Elon Musk have joined a $40 million investment in Vicarious FPC, an AI company.

Happy birthday Twitter! Here’s the top 10 twitter accounts, according to Mashable.

The fake stories on the Internet this week. And Goodman isn’t dead.

Sprint laid off 330 technical consultants, closed 150 service and repair centers across the country and shut down 55 of its worst-performing retail stores.

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