peHUB Second Opinion

La Quinta is the third hotel chain Blackstone is taking public.

This week’s PE cartoon.

Apple is getting their 30% cut from MSFT’s sale of Office 365 within iPad apps

Blackberry’s Q4 loss is narrower than expected.

Michael Abrash, the man largely responsible for leading Valve’s recent charge into Virtual Reality, has just joined Oculus as its Chief Scientist.

Amazon says its NOT working up a free, ad-supported TV and music-video service.

Survey finds that more than one-fourth of all crashes are tied to phone use, but just 5 percent involved texting.

New iPhone 6 could come in the 5.5 inch range.

A Craigslist ad is seeking someone to follow Rob Ford around with a tuba.

It got easier to get into Harvard this year.

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