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peHUB Second Opinion 4.1

PE Distress: Instead of distressed PE, we’re seeing firms like American Capital and Candover really struggle. (Reuters)

Also: Heads up, American Capital’s earnings call is next Tuesday after the market closes.

Adapt To Thrive: The future of private equity. (McKinsey Quarterly)

There’s No End To Dumb Money: Just less of it. Daniel Gross writes that Chrysler symbolizes the end of dumb money. I’m not sure Chrysler symbolizes a lot for private equity, because, as Dan said this morning, it was a long shot to begin with. (Tech Ticker)

Meanwhile: The Deal calls Cerberus’ failed attempt to save Chrysler valiant but vain. (But only valiant if the firm had succeeded, I suspect). (The Deal)

Weekend Reading: KPMG’s Agenda magazine. (KPMG)

They Just Want Their Money: Obama is trying to intimidate Chrysler hedge fund holdouts. (Clusterstock)

Stealing Myspace: How did Thomas Weisel get wrapped up in this saga? (Deal Journal)

Say Goodbye: To Naked Short Selling. (NY Times)

Before & After: Saul Meyers, then and now.