peHUB Second Opinion 4.1

Extreme Makeover: Wall Street edition. (NY Times)

Growing Pains: American Apparel is having some issues after its explosive growth. Is anyone surprised or upset by this news besides investors in the American Apparel SPAC? Probably not. Maybe this means the company will buy fewer exploitative billboards… (WWD)

Going Up: Deal multiples, that is. Apparently buyout barons are ready to start paying more for companies. I wonder if that loosening of the all-important “discipline” coincides at all with a return of leverage… (Reuters)

I Knew It! Back when Berkshire, Advent and Bain struck their deal to acquire Skillsoft, we wrote that analysts and shareholders seemed unimpressed by both the price and the opportunity for a counterbid. Lo and behold, the buyout firms have sweetened their bid. (Reuters)

Opportunity is EVERYWHERE: David Rubenstein is the biggest private equity cheerleader out there. While other accomplished buyout barons such as Kravis or Bonderman may sit back with the attitude that they don’t have to explain themselves to us, Rubenstein is out there beating the buyout drum. (CNN)

WSJ Making Scat Jokes? Felix Salmon and Heidi Moore aren’t the only ones to notice the Wall Street Journal’s continued descent into the realm of the lowbrow. Here’s a screengrab of the latest example I found. Here’s the article it’s linking to.

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