peHUB Second Opinion 4.12

Frothy IPO Payday? Get in line. PE pros are going to have to wait it out. (Reuters)

Yelp Grows Up: Fortune on Yelp’s recent spate of changes, emphasizing that the changes are NOT “as a sign the company is capitulating to critics.” (CNN Money)

Going To Be a STAR: Bob Wigley, a former Merrill Lynch banker, is going to Hollywood. (Deal Journal)

Two Things: In case you were away from the internet all day today, you may have missed the explosion of coverage (and arteries) over KFC’s new Double Down sandwich. (It features fried chicken patties as buns.) Here’s a review of it. And here’s a letter to the CEO of PE-backed Yum! Brands (KFC’s owner) requesting the company market the disgusting 1000-calorie sandwich (“a troubling symbol of corporate irresponsibility in the face of America’s obesity epidemic”) the same way cigarette companies market their products. Meaning, keep ‘em away from the kids. (Letter)

Headline Speaks For Itself: Finally, a Broadway-Style Song About Credit Default Swaps. (NY Mag)

Un”Clear” Future: (It’s a pun.) NY Post continues to beat up Clear Channel (not that its not deserved, it’s unclear to me). (NYP)

Goodbye Social Security: Here’s an infographic on the coming Retirement Disaster in America. (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)

Introductions: Meet Two Young Wall Street Analysts Turned Beard-Growing Tech Scenesters (Business Insider)

Foot in the Door: Goldman Sachs is courting CIOs of endowments as a way of learning about how they can better earn investments from said endowments. They can certainly afford to pay the CIOs better. (Bloomberg)