peHUB Second Opinion 4.13

Hexion and Huntsman: The deal that never ends. One party is now being haunted by the other in loan negotiations. (Debtwire)

At Least Someone Does: A teacher is using the AIG backlash to teach kids compassion. Now they’re making cards for AIG employees that say “Keep working hard, dudes! Keep eating your vegatabos!” (Clusterstock)

Also From There: Google Health records is just perpetuating antiquated technology. (Cs)

Mark To Market: We know, bear rallies hurt the mark-to-market valuations of Public stocks too. Here is exactly how. (WSJ)

By The Way: What is the standard abbreviation for “mark-to-market”? I imagine “m-t-m” or just “m-m” don’t really work, and I would certainly feel lame writing “M2M.”  (Suggestions welcome)

Good Friday: Someone commented with a question on Thursday’s Second Opinion, since I mentioned I was off for Good Friday. This blog explains the rumored reasons as to why that day is indeed a stock market holiday.  (Backstage)

Goldman News: Pre-announcement. Surprise! (Reuters)

Sad IPOs: Current TV, Al Gore’s internet station, has withdrawn its public offering. (Reuters)

Is your company ethical? Here is a list of the world’s most ethical companies. (Ethisphere) Sidenote: How did companies that use sweatshops like Nike, GAP and Target get on there?

Citifile: Getting a promotion will drive you crazy.

Surprise: There is a sunny side to junk bonds. (Dealbook)

Question: Is Greed overcoming the stock market? (Reuters)