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peHUB Second Opinion 4.14

Time To Change It Up: Peter Rip outlines what VCs can learn from PE. “The venture capital game has changed, yet many VCs are still using an old, outdated playbook.” (BusinessWeek)

We’ve Been Saying This: Now BreakingViews is. PE needs better governance. LPs, assert yourselves. (Breaking Views)

Why Can’t You Do Deals? ‘Poison Puts’ might be holding you back. Fancy word for change-of-control clauses. (WSJ)

Further Coverage: More on how the poison put is affecting Amylin Pharmaceuticals. (BusinessWeek)

Ha: Mayor Bloomberg actually said the words, “People that go out and murder people don’t read The Wall Street Journal.” Cityfile made a nice little endorsement to go with the comment. (Cityfile)

Tweet it Out: Twitters founders have explained how they plan to make the company profitable. Hire more people? (All Things Digital)

After Today’s News: We’ll be hearing a lot more about Skype’s “freemium model.” Here’s Fred Wilson’s take on it. (A VC)

Measuring Fear: What will we do with those measurements? Credit Suisse has introduced a new gauge to measure investor fear. (Reuters)

Fight! Who deserves more blame, bankers or economists? I’m not really sure it matters until it’s all cleaned up, but I’m neither a banker or economist. (Slate)