peHUB Second Opinion 4.15

Oh Brother: This isn’t helping the “private equity fat cats” image: Sir Peter Paul Rubens’ beautiful and ornate painted ceiling gazed down upon the most successful figures in the private equity industry last night, as they gathered in the Banqueting Hall on Whitehall for the Private Equity News Awards for Excellence in Private Equity. (City AM)

A Day In The Life Of An Analyst: A cartoon you may be able to relate to.”I just spent all night working on the model you said you needed for today.” Director/Associate: “Don’t worry about that – I never needed that.” Analyst: “Thank you.” View it here: (Clusterstock)

Live from Tulane: M&A IS BACK. Have ya heard? (If you haven’t by now you may want to reevaluate your career as a dealmaker…) (Dealbook)

Sweethearts in Crime: A penny-stock manipulating couple owes U.S. regulators nearly a half-million dollars in fines and restitution, but they probably won’t ever pay the U.S. a dime. (Reuters)

Talkin Taxes: NPR takes on carried interest. (NPR)

NY Lags: The economy has to recover before New York can. Sorry, Wall Street (I think?) (Dealbook)