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peHUB Second Opinion 4.15

For Sale: Allen Stanford’s face, on a souvenir tile. (Reuters)

Speaking of Fraud: What’s going on with Danny Pang, former exec at Private Equity Management Group? Fake insurance policies? Fake MBAs? Even a Ponzi scheme? (WSJ)

Aha! Skype’s IPO is set for 2010-not because the company is waiting for the markets to return (though that doesn’t hurt), but because it is settle a legal skirmish with its founders. (NY Times)

Columnist: Charlie Gasparino writes that recovery is not coming anytime soon. The era of high profits is over. (Daily Beast)

On Bankruptcies: Here’s some more analysis on Q1 from Financial News. (WSJ)

PE In Dubai: Al Safi, the Islamic hedge fund, will enter private equity. (Reuters)

Boom: What went wrong for private equity? A London Business School professor provides a “reality check.” (London Business School)

IPO Metrics: Some data on the Bridgepoint IPO, which ended a drought for US venture-backed IPOs. (Thomson Reuters)

The true performance: Boom time PE funds’ performance won’t really show until ten years from now. (FT)

Carl Icahn: Who said activists had retreated? Nope. Mr. Icahn has written another doozy of a letter. (Dealbook)