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peHUB Second Opinion 4.16

After All The Excitement for PE Investing in Education: Venture Intelligence put out a very extensive study about investment in Indian education companies. You can download it here. Business Standard covered it here.

Looking at Defaults: “Moody’s therefore downgraded a higher percentage of the companies it covers in the first quarter of 2009 than it does in a typical year.” (Felix Salmon)

Unemployed? You could work as one of Bloomberg’s “45-year-old interns.” (Cityfile)

Umemployed MBA Grad? Here are some ideas. (BusinessWeek)

Science Says: Play more. “Play was necessary to make a cooperative society possible.” (Livescience via Abnormal Returns)

One More Take: On the “LBO = Ponzi” idea. (The Smart Asset)

Cram Down: Into Bankruptcy-Oak Tree and Icahn as pushing for MGM Mirage to file. (WSJ)

Oy: Jamie Dimon is just not that into TARP. Apparently he said JP Morgan has nothing to sell to PPIP and doesn’t want to partner with the government. Well maybe the government didn’t want to partner with you either! (Clusterstock)

Dreams: PIPEs are down. (Dealzone)

Unrelated: “A type of tropical ant has dispensed with males altogether, according to scientists, and only the female of the species exists.” (Telegraph)

WOW: Would you pay $1 million for a twitter account? CNN did. So keep twittering, kids. (Dealbook)