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peHUB Second Opinion 4.19

Buzzy: The blogosphere was a-buzz today over New York Magazine’s cover story on the NY Tech scene and how it’s overthrowing Old Media. “Tweet Tweet Boom Boom.” (NY Mag)

Imagine: Facebook is planning a way for you to “like” button everything on the Internet. Next stop, real life. (Mashable)

Obviously: By now you’ve probably seen Gizmodo’s big coup. They found Apple’s next iPhone. In a bar. (Gizmodo)

Ha: If you like New Yorker Cartoons and are in finance (which, if you’re not in finance, than why are you reading peHUB?), you may enjoy this one about caps of the market variety. (New Yorker Via Churchill Financial’s  On The Left.)

How to Say Eyjafjallajokull: That is, of course, the complex name of the Icelandic volcano. Watch this instructional video at your own risk, because man are these ABC hosts annoying. They ask their Icelandic translator if she’s been getting a lot of calls from broadcasters who don’t know how to say the volcano’s name. She answers that yes, she’s been getting calls, but from friends who are worried about her family’s safety. Meanwhile the bozos on the couch are yukking it up at how “cute” it sounds when she speaks Icelandic. Yeesh. (ABC)

Also: Here are some cool photos of Eyjafjallajokull. (

Miracle Cure: Good News for those suffering from the dreaded alcoholic-chocoholic combo. Seems when it comes to issues of the liver, the two cancel each other out (almost). (Reuters)

Pink Listed? FINS takes on the issue of coming out in the workplace for those in the world of finance. (FINS)

Sorry Buddy: Bill Gates laments that our brightest minds are probably not working on the most important problems. Hate to break it to you, Bill, but for better or for worse, that’s not how capitalism works. (TechCrunch)

The Deal goes in-depth on private equity’s EDF partnerships: