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peHUB Second Opinion 4.2

Oops: peHUB Wire linked you to an old Second Opinion. Here is the latest.

Greed Now Bad: Maurice Greenberg testifies, calls traders greedy. (Dealbook)

Creativity: Yesterday we discussed how KKR is getting creative with debt. Today Deal Professor looks at Blackstone’s Freescale situation. (Dealbook)

GAH! CNBC breaks out the Nonabox. (Infectious Greed)

More Bad News: Pensions face a severe, synchronized downturn. (Naked Capitalism)

Are Australian LBO Loans in trouble? Granted, only a few US firms invest in Australia (Castle Harlan is one), but anyways, those few might be interested in this Debtwire report which analyzes the effects of a recent ruling against loans provided by Fortress Credit Corp. (Debtwire)

Mythology: Why today’s vote on relaxing mark-to-market makes no sense. (Baseline Scenario)

And Further: Are mark-to-market and PPIP at odds? (Market Beat)

Le Gasp: Time magazine discovers that private equity firms have lock-up periods and aren’t going anywhere (at least, quickly). (Time)

No Signs of Letting Up: Many, many more rounds of layoffs this week. (Dealscape)

More on Q1 Fundraising: Yeah, it was a bad quarter. But why does this FT story suggest that the “consolidation” of HRJ selling to CapDyn is caused by Bernie Madoff? Completely unrelated. And why does it suggest that Quadrangle’s decision to pull its fund is because mega-buyouts are out of vogue? Quadrangle isn’t a mega-firm, and it pulled its fund because of Rattner.  (FT)

VC Circle: How to command a fair valuation.

What To Wear: How does a woman imitate the male hedge fund “power casual” attire? The Journal explains. (WSJ)