peHUB Second Opinion 4.20

Go Tumblr Go: The simplified blogging platform raised $5 million. Here is its plan for the future. (All Things D)

Where Goldman Really Went Wrong: It doesn’t matter if Goldman broke the law-was what they did wrong?  (Fortune)

Annnd the Beating: Deal Journal liveblogged Goldman Sachs’s Q1 conference call. (Deal Journal)

Rachel Sklar: Where are the Women in Tech (Again)? (Mediaite)

How Transparent are PE Fund Managers? As a journalist I’d say not at all, and even, gleefully so, at times. (Not Too Proud)

God: The state of old media is sad. Forbes is seeking a blogger, for free, but you get exposure! (IWantMedia, Gawker)

Well Then: Hollywood is (finally?) over fake boobs, the New York Post reports. Somehow I don’t believe this. (NY Post)